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Samu Gabor

I started my own company to produce, direct, write a  variety of commercial, documentary, fiction, and non-fiction short films collaborating with a wide range of handpicked creative teams across continents.

I was accepted to college in grade 11 and currently study film in New York. I got into filmmaking to use the medium to convey important messages that reflect today's society and start discussions among viewers. I completed a diploma course at the age of 12, having made my first short film then. I moved,  in  2016, to Berlin, along with my family, due to politics. In 2018 I wrote and directed my first big-budget short film that was shot called  Girl with a Pendant. Later that summer, I directed a mini-docu series around migrants living in Berlin and their integration into society. During a summer camp, I shot and edited a short film that was nominated for best narrative short at Cleveland International Film  Festival. The same year I wrote and directed an Amazon Prime short called True Colors of Society that touched on racial issues. In my first semester of college, I made a documentary that is now running at film festivals and has received several awards and prizes. As I currently reside in New York, I hope to further my knowledge in the industry and make a difference.

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