After the Boat

Episode 1

In episode one we discuss Diana Atwani’s current life and challenges she faces every day as a Syrian migrant who works in Berlin.


Episode 2

In episode two we discuss Melisa Manrique's current life and challenges she faces every day as a Peruvian migrant who works in Berlin.

Episode 3

In episode three we discuss Manik Chander's current life and challenges she faces every day, being born in Germany with migrant parents.

Episode 4

In the final episode, we will discuss Nicolas Arias's current life and the challenges she faces every day as a migrant from Columbia.

The main organizer of this project is Samu Gabor who has been in the industry for over 9 years, but this was his first documentary as he wished to give himself the challenge to find out more about a topic he is quite close to.



This is a documentary series discussing

stories of individual migrants living in Germany, mainly Berlin, and the way they are integrating into our

society. The crew for this documentary series consists of 5 people who shot the film and a whole bunch more to make this possible! 


The film was shot over the course of 2 months and will release 20-minute episodes each week! Each episode will be about a migrant currently living in Germany and their experience integrating into society and their everyday life. There will be a private premiere for the first episode of the series on the 15th of October and a public premiere on the 18th of October (hopefully). We'd like to welcome everyone who followed this project. You will get more information about the premiere soonA short teaser has also been made for the documentary (see on the top)

Info about the series

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