An   incredible  and    moving story that    follows   three

members  of  the   Grady  family   who  took   action  for

what  they   believe    to  be   right. We  get  a   glimpse

into  the  history of  Ellen  Grady  and her  connection  to

the    Plowshares   movement,  meeting  her  partner Peter

De Mott and  raising  a family next to their abnormal life.



Samu Gabor started making films at the early age of 9 to use the medium to convey important messages that reflect today's society and start discussions among viewers. He completed a diploma course at the age of 12, having made his first short-film then. He moved, in 2016, to Berlin along with his family. In 2018 the first bigger budget short-film was shot called Girl with a Pendant. Later that summer, he directed a mini-documentary series around migrants living in Berlin and their integration into society. In 2019 he wrote and directed an Amazon Prime short called True Colors of Society that touched on racial issues. In 2019, he was accepted to Sarah Lawrence College, before even completing high school, while still attending grade 11. He is currently a freshman in college and is working on several projects.




February 15th                               Barrymore Film Festival                      Barrymore Film Center

February 28th                              Ithaca Short Film Festival                    Cinemapolis

February 29th                              Ithaca Short Film Festival                    Cinemapolis

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