In the summer of 2019, a new chapter was entered when GSTFilmstudio shot and released an 8-minute high budget short film! The production had over 30 people involved including 10 people behind the camera on set and more than 20 actors performing in front of the camera. The film per usual was directed by Samu Gabor. The short aims to shine a light on cultural diversity in today's society. The film is now available online via Amazon Prime.


BTS to the Shoot

Josy Issac

Producer - Jingtian Wang

Chris Arend


Thorsten Kavur


Sophie Reichert


Our Team (ACTORS):


Director - Samu Gabor


Our Team (CREW):


Director of Photography - Lino Sanguino

Natalia Zieleniecki


Marina Steiner


2nd Assistant Director - Angelo Gunkel

BTS Recorder- Ivan Gabor


Sound Mixer - Mohammad Alzamel


1st Assistant Director - Thais Veiga


Makeup Artist - Audry Romano

1st Assistant Camera - Gordon Spandern


1st Assistant Camera - Gordon Spandern


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